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Zicam on sale

Zicam Nasal Gel - Homeopahtic Cold Remedy

- Non-drowsy formula.
- Soothing and easy to use.
- Has no odor or bad taste.
- Helps reduce the duration of the common cold.
- Helps relieve the symptoms of the common cold.

Zicam's unique ionic emulsification formula with Zinullose? provides a constant release and long-lasting suspension of its active ingredient
According to a recent study, Zicam nasal gel helps reduce the duration and symptoms of common colds. Easy to use. No odor or bad taste.

We ship Zicam via US Priority Mail (2-3 days) unless requested otherwise on our order form. Choose "US Priority Mail" under shipping:
US Priority Mail - Domestic shipping charge is $ 4.25 for 1, 2 or 3 bottles, $4.75 for 4 or 5 bottles. Free shipping for 6 or more bottles.
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For shipping to Canada there is a minimum of 3 bottles which will ship for $10 US via Priority Mail. Each additional 3 bottles will add $3.00 to the shipping charge. You will be responsible for local taxes.

Foreign orders to original NATO countries is $35 (express mail) or $18 (airmail) for a container that will hold up to 12 units of ZICAM, (this is NOT per piece). This does not include any local taxes.

For other locations, please
email us for shipping and tax info.
Z01Reg. price: $12.95Sale price: $9.99
Cold-Eeze - Zinc Gluconate lozenges

Cold-Eeze (brand of Zinc Gluconate) lozenges have become a very popular homeopathic remedy for colds in our store. Braving this year's cold season, we have found them to be helpful and generally safe.

There are a few precautions you should take with this and all zinc preparations: Zinc is normally very bitter tasting and some people are more sensitive to this than others. In some people, zinc induces nausea and if enough is used it will induce nausea in anyone.

Cold-Eeze lozenges should be used every 2 hours with a maximum of 5 pieces per day.

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Zinc Lozenges and Cold-Eeze.

Foreign orders to original NATO countries is $35 (express mail) or $18 (airmail) for a container that will hold up to 12 units of Cold-eeze, (this is NOT per piece). This does not include any local taxes.
C-E01$6.49, 4/$20.50
Nature's Herbs Saw Palmetto Power 320

Saw Palmetto-Power 320 is the most potent and effective form of Saw Palmetto Extract available, all in a convenient one-a-day dose. A rich source of Fatty Acids & Biologically Active Sterols, Saw Palmetto-Power 320 is standardized with the greatest concentration of natually-balanced active principles making it one of the world's finest and purest concentrated plant extracts.

RECOMMENDED USE: As a dietary supplement take 1 softgel daily at mealtime.

* Nutritionally Supports Healthy Prostate Function. This statement has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

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Saw Palmetto Power 320 (30 Softgels)$21.00